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Yay!  Fall is definitely here and DFW-ASEE is off to another season of great presentations in our general meetings. Again, we would like to take a moment to send our thoughts to those in South Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico who are in need and remind our members that there are a great many ways we can contribute assistance while our fellow citizens continue their recovery process from this hurricane season.

Our November General Meeting will be at our Cypress Waters 7-11 Store Support Center location, 3200 Hackberry Road, Irving, TX.  75063.  We’ll be meeting on November 7, 2017,  from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. – includes pizza!

Our November presentation is  entitled “Reimagine Quality for Digital Tomorrow”  presented by Vineet Srinivasan, QA Leader / Solution Architect with Cognizant.  Earn 1 PDU (PMI), 1 SEU (Scrum Alliance), 0.3 Recert Units (ASQ) for attending.

The 28th Annual DFW-ASEE Conference is not too far off in the distance for us – February 2018.  Please submit or bring your thoughts and ideas for Keynote and guest speakers so we can be sure to have a repeat of our 27th Annual DFW-ASEE Conference.  It was an amazing success!  Many thanks to Paul Grizzaffi, our Keynote, and our speakers, Ryan Meinzer, Doug Johnson, and Tim Lyon.

As always, Conference materials are posted!  Check them out!

Special thanks to Beacon Hill Technologies for joining us this year and becoming one of new sponsors – we’re looking forward to seeing them at more of our monthly meetings.

Hope those of you who attended this year’s Conference were able to take advantage of our other sponsor’s offer, No Magic, to attend  the No Magic 2017 World Symposium – it’s always a great place to network.



ASEE Meetings & Conferences

Upcoming meetings – All Meetings provide Continuing Education for PMI, ASQ, and Scrum Alliance

November 7, 2017, Registration 6:30 p.m., Meeting 6:45 p.m., Cypress Waters 7-11 Support Center, 3200 Hackberry Road, Irving, TX  75063 (please note new location)

Reimagine Quality for Digital Tomorrow“, Presented by Vineet Srinivasan, QA Leader / Solution Architect with Cognizant

“Reimagine Quality for Digital Tomorrow”

Successful businesses in digital are harnessing technology advances to create superior customer experiences. To build it first time right, enterprises should elevate QA outcomes from:

  • Application quality to business process assurance
  • BOT based predictive analytics on Defect
  • Intelligent Testing thru quality engineering
  • Quality Orchestration

Vineet Srinivasan is an accomplished QA Leader with 15+ yrs of extensive experience in providing thought leadership, setting up of large TCoE for multiple Retail & Consumer Goods Customers. He has rich experience in QA/QE Delivery, QA advisory and consultative services to CIOs and IT Executives. He has been with Cognizant for over 11 years and is now the Solution Architect/BU Lead for Retail CG South Central at Cognizant.

Prior General Meetings Include:

Current State of Software Engineering“, Presented by Mary Sakry, The Process Group

Since the beginning of Software Engineering, our primary focus has been on creating and delivering products to users, so that we can create more products for even more users! Meanwhile several of us, have spent decades coaching and aiding organizations to improve appropriate ways of running and implementing their products.

Mary will examine the progress and discuss the current state of Software Engineering. Come prepared to examine the current state and think about where we are headed.  More than 20 years ago I was spending time in India and other places around the world; while now most of my time is spent in China. What should you be excited about, concerned about, and which actions should we take to move the industry forward?

Mary Sakry is a software process improvement engineer.  Her Background, includes engineering, process management (services and development), project management and software development.  For decades, she has been helping organizations improve their software engineering. Since 2009 she has been focusing on Chinese development organizations that are working at CMMI high maturity levels.  Mostly, she inspires developers and managers to fix problems resulting in better functioning and happier organizations. She is the co-workshop chair for the ASSE workshops. She and Neil Potter, Co-authored “Making Process Improvement Work – A Concise Action Guide for Software Managers and Practitioners,” Addison-Wesley, 2002.



Effective Performance Testing“, Presented by Ron Franklin Senior Process Engineer, Commercial Metals for Applicaiton Performance Management and Performance Engineering.

“Effective Performance Testing”

An important aspect of performance testing is providing actionable information related to a proposed solution. Too often we hear, “just add users until it breaks”.  Using a case-study approach, we will walk through the steps to correctly model and execute our performance tests. Along the way, we will learn how to determine the true objective of a test, reveal hidden requirements, address resource constraints, and create a model which represents the expected usage of the solution.

Ron Franklin is a thirty year veteran with a proven track record of successfully architecting application performance management and performance test solutions for Fortune 500 businesses; fulfilling mission-critical performance objectives and goals, directing cross-functional technology teams, and leading complex projects from conception to deployment. Ron is an accomplished speaker and has presented locally. He is active in local user groups and is on the Board of Directors of DFW-Quality Assurance Association (DFW-QAA).


Topic:  ” The Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications”- Presented By: Ed Hightower, Ingenu Consultant

The many technologies that enable IoT/M2M are driving the next industrial revolution.  We’ll be able to monitor and control… and analyze objects and conditions that were never technically or economically possible before.

Connectivity technologies like cellular, satellite, wireline, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mesh, etc. will be joined by powerful Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies that will enable low cost, long range, deep-building penetration and long-battery-life connectivity that will make possible applications that were never practical before. 

This presentation will give a brief history of IoT/M2M, then explain what LPWANs are and why they will be so important in enabling IoT/M2M, and finally who the most likely long-term players will be in LPWAN arena.


2017 27th Annual DFW-ASEE Software Engineering Conference – Conference Presentations

Responsible Automation“,  by Paul Grizzaffi


“Project Survivability:  Antifragile”, by Ryan Meinzer

Ryan-Meinzer-Project Survivability

“Old Dog, New Tricks“, by Doug Johnson


“DevQA Security Perf Ops”, by Tim Lyon

About DFW – ASEE


The DFW Association for Software Engineering Excellence is dedicated to providing a platform for community learning, awareness, and networking for Software and Quality Engineers, and associated Software Management professionals.  


We enjoy affiliations with SPIN (the Software Process Improvement Network) and SEI (the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon).



Upcoming Monthly Meetings

  November 7, 2017,  Monthly Meeting:  Cypress Waters 7-11 location, 6:30 – 8:00  “Reimagine Quality for Digital Tomorrow”, presented by Vineet Srinivasan, Cognizant.   Vineet Srinivasan is accomplished QA Leader with 15+ yrs of extensive experience in providing thought leadership, setting up of large TCoE for multiple Retail & Consumer Goods Customers. He has rich experience in QA/QE Delivery, QA advisory …



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