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27th Annual Conference was an amazing success!  Thank you to Paul Grizzaffi, our Keynote, and our speakers, Ryan Meinzer, Doug Johnson, and Tim Lyon.

For those of you who joined us – thank you!  Special thanks to Beacon Hill for joining us this year!  We’ll be posting materials here shortly for reference.

Also, per our sponsor, No Magic – they will be notifying you regarding the No Magic 2017 World Symposium soon.

Keynote Speaker: Paul Grizzaffi MSCS, CSM, 23 Year Veteran of Testing and Automation,  Principal Automation Architect with Magenic –  and Elected one of this year’s Sticky Minds Top 10!  

Topic: “Responsible Automation”

In our jobs, as in our lives, we have certain responsibilities to which we must attend, things we have a fiduciary duty upon which to execute.  It is no different when addressing test automation.  Too often, however, our automation efforts are an “all or nothing” or “at all cost” endeavor; these are not responsible approaches.  It is incumbent on us to undertake automation initiatives in a responsible, value-based way.  This value can take many forms, but in order to capitalize on that value we must be aware of many factors that affect it.

Speakers and Topics Include:

“Project Survivability by Being Anti-Fragile” by Ryan Meinzer, PMP, CSP, CSM, CSPO, ACP, Agile Coach

“Old Dog, New Tricks: Staying Current in an Ever Changing Development World” by Doug Johnson, Sr. Software Engineer and Consultant

“DevQASecPerfOps – Considerations for Building Out a Robust Continuous Delivery Pipeline”, by Tim Lyon, VP of Quality Assurance and Share Delivery Services at nThrive

Beacon Hill Technologies will be with us for members who might be looking for that new opportunity in 2017.

No Magic will be with us again as one of our sponsors to share information on their World Symposium (hint – giveaways)

ASEE Meetings & Conferences

2017 27th Annual DFW-ASEE Software Engineering Conference

Conference materials coming soon!




Upcoming meetings

April 4, 2017, Registration 6:20 p.m., Meeting 6:45 p.m., TI campus – Raytheon North Building (Gate 1)



May 2, 2017, Registration 6:20 p.m., Meeting 6:45 p.m., TI campus – Raytheon North Building (Gate 1)

“Current State of Software Engineering”, Presented by Mary Sakry, The Process Group


Prior meetings

January 3, 2017, Registration 6:30 p.m., Meeting 6:45 p.m., TI campus – Raytheon North Building (Gate 1)

Topic:   The Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications Presented By: Ed Hightower, Ingenu Consultant Abstract:  

 The Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and the many technologies that enable IoT/M2M are driving the next industrial revolution.  We’ll be able to monitor and control… and analyze objects and conditions that were never technically or economically possible before.

Connectivity technologies like cellular, satellite, wireline, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mesh, etc. will be joined by powerful Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies that will enable low cost, long range, deep-building penetration and long-battery-life connectivity that will make possible applications that were never practical before. 

This presentation will give a brief history of IoT/M2M, then explain what LPWANs are and why they will be so important in enabling IoT/M2M, and finally who the most likely long-term players will be in LPWAN arena.



About DFW – ASEE


The DFW Association for Software Engineering Excellence is dedicated to providing a platform for community learning, awareness, and networking for Software and Quality Engineers, and associated Software Management professionals.  


We enjoy affiliations with SPIN (the Software Process Improvement Network) and SEI (the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon).



Upcoming Monthly Meetings

April 4, 2017, Monthly Meeting:  TI/ Raytheon Location, 6:30 – 8:00 Guest Speaker: TBD   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   May 2, 2017, Monthly Meeting:  TI/ Raytheon Location, 6:30 – 8:00 Guest Speaker:  Mary Sakry, “The State of Software Engineering”           



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